Power Stations

With the experience of the engineers and technicians of limak , which exceeded the average of fifteen years before joining limak, the company succeeded in installing 14 power stations throughout Sudan

  • Ministry of Electricity and Water Resources.
  • Vita Soft Drinks Factory (Foz) - Omdurman.
  • Al-Ruwain for Roads and Bridges Company
  • Fadil Specialist Hospital.
  • Sudanese Heat Generation Company.
  • Sudamin Gold Mining Company.
  • Sahara Gold Mining Company.
  • Petrobach Oil Factory (Fuchs)
  • Khartoum State Presidency.
  • Southern Kordofan localities.
  • Localities of West Kordofan.
  • Karima Vegetable and Fruit Canning Factory - Northern State.
  • Ministry of Transport and Transport - Arqeen land crossing.
  • Ministry of Minerals - Khartoum State.
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